Aephia Industries


Faction: ONI region / MUD territory / Ustur sector

Co-Founders: Funcracker, Prometheus

Founded: July 18th, 2021

Members: 1700

Industry / Specialisation: Ship Crafting, Exploring, Mining,
Manufacturing / Engineering, Retail, Science, Trading, Transport / Haulage


For our corporation we have chosen to have our primary focus on the creation (and sales) of spaceships. Building a spaceship from scratch involves nearly all facets of gameplay Star Atlas offers. Given that we strive to vertically integrate the entire supply chain necessary to create and sell spaceships, there is almost no career-path in the game we do not require. It’s probably obvious that we need a mining operation to extract and refine various types of ore, shipyards to construct ships (and its individual components), trade centers to sell them and everything in between, but there is much more going on that might be less clear to see. Additionally, we need transports to move resources and components between our facilities, explorers to find new rich resource veins and a security detail to keep our entire operation and one another safe. Basically we should be able to provide a base of operations to most people that are interested in immersing themselves into the metaverse.

Everyone has a voice

The decisions we take as a DAC have the potential to impact people’s bottom line, and are therefore not taken lightly. We want to make sure we give every one of our members a voice. All our members are able to vote on proposals, or create their own and call for a vote.



As an in-game corporation, it is of course our goal to make a profit, and to make sure that all of our members get their fair share thereof. But we are also embarking on a journey into the unknown. As such we are all about pooling and sharing our knowledge in order to help every one of you accomplish your personal goals in this brave new world. We aim to provide a solid foundation for players of all levels to allow them to enjoy their adventures in the metaverse and make the most of their investments therein. Whether you are a blockchain expert or this is your first foray into the world of crypto, we’ve got your back!

Play & Earn

Star Atlas fully intends to embrace the Play & Earn concept, meaning that if you play the game well, you will be rewarded with crypto currency tokens called ATLAS. You will be able to convert ATLAS into other crypto currencies or actual Fiat (e.g. dollars, euro’s) via various existing services. Additionally, when putting in some time and effort, it is possible to mint new NFT assets that represent useable items in the game, items that can be sold to other players. There is a real (albeit simplified) economic model underpinning the metaverse, meaning that everybody is dealing with (and hopefully accumulating) assets and tokens that represent real world value. If our members are handling tokens that hold actual value, that means that we -as the organization they are part of- are as well. Hence why we are called a DAC in Star Atlas!

Looking for more reasons to join?

  • Your voice matters: everyone can create & vote on proposals
  • An active Discord server & community spanning all timezones
  • Friendly, helpful & passionate Atlassians
  • A common goal to work towards
  • Star Atlas expertise and Crypto knowhow

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