Fimbul Lowbie

A nostalgic 'cyberpunk style' muscle car of the future.


Transport vessel

WIDTH (M): 5.1 | HEIGHT (M): 3.7 | LENGTH (M): 12.5

This remarkable creation holds a special place in our hart, featuring a breathtaking blend of futuristic and retro aesthetics. The Galactic Marketplace will offer a variety of skins for this masterpiece in the near future.


Skilfully crafted concept designs by Petur Arnorsson and Gary Sanchez give life to the Fimbul Lowbie (see images below), and show a versatile spacecraft designed to provide players with a sense of classical comfort while traversing the vast expanses of space. It serves as a common x-small transport ship NFT in the Star Atlas metaverse. It can be used for cruising, hauling, or transporting.


Gary Sanchez is an Art Director and Concept Designer who has worked on films, series, AAA video games, and advanced innovation industrial design field. He is the founder of Graphene Design Studio, a collective of senior artists and designers, consulted for art direction and visual development in AAA games, TV show / films, and advanced industrial design projects. One of his notable works is creating Concept Designs and Key Art for Star Atlas (ATMTA) as a Vehicle Art Director.


Aephia Data Runners first leaked the existence of the Fimbul Lowbie in December 2021 through their monthly report on the Star Atlas economy.  

However, new UE5 model designs and an in-engine look were shared by Star Atlas Twitter account on May 3 2023, making the Lowbie look even better then before. With its sleek design, classical comfort, and affordable price range, the Fimbul Lowbie is definitely one of our favorites!



The ship holds a Fuel- and a Cargo-module and can be customized and respecced individually. Players can earn in-game currency (ATLAS) by participating in the browser game SCORE with their ship NFTs (which will transfer into SAGE), or load the NFT into the UE5 environment to take it for a spin. This piece of art is sold by Star Atlas for 60 USDC, but you can get one (at the time of writing this article) for less then 30 bucks!

or additional details about the Fimbul Lowbie, please refer to the renowned Star Atlas Marketplace.


SA Picture of the Week #29 by @TeNeTSatoR2