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Brilliant artists are giving life to the Star Atlas metaverse

In various ways brilliant artists are giving life to the Star Atlas metaverse. Building this game from scratch, Star Atlas is working with many extremely experienced Art Directors, Designers and Artists, to create exquisit AAA quality designs and graphics. Art Director and Concept Designer Gary Sanchez, who has worked on films, series, AAA video games, and advanced innovation industrial design field, created many exquisite concept designs and key art for Star Atlas (ATMTA) as a Vehicle Art Director. Or Sperasoft, a company that specializes in game development, has partnered with Star Atlas to co-develop the game's universe, play, and graphics. And the first ever Meta-Poster Experience featuring futurist Jason Silva (also seen in the video above) and Sound Artist Blond:ish, who created the soundscape for the inaugural ReBirth event in Star Atlas. These are just a few examples of the many talented Artists and Designers co-creating this new metaverse called Star Atlas.


Opportunities for players and builders to explore and discover

Star Atlas is more then 'just a game'. Star Atlas is a massively multiplayer online metaverse that is emerging from the confluence of state-of-the-art blockchain, real-time graphics, and (UE5) 3D multiplayer video games. The game features an immersive universe with a real economy and a decentralized governing system. Star Atlas is build, and lives, on the Solana blockchain, and has open-sourced their blockchain programs. Combine that with the Star Atlas BUILD* program, and it creates massive opportunities for players, artists, coders and entrepreneurs alike to explore and discover new ways of connecting and thriving in this new metaverse. Star Atlas is build for builders.


The Galia Art Gallery

We publish articles about the exquisit official Star Atlas art and design, but maybe even more importantly, we want to showcase the projects and products inspired by Star Atlas, made by the community, and tell their stories. Our definition of art is very broad. We are looking for community projects with AAA quality products, from written articles and graphical artworks or anime, to metaverse-film and -photography, in-game skin designs, regional lore or any other products licensed under the Star Atlas IP. As we are still very early, and the metaverse is slowly, but steadily evolving into this new universe full of potential and possibilities, more community content will be published here.

We are here to tell your story.


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*Star Atlas BUILD enables you to create, produce (and sell) anything you can think of, inspired by Star Atlas, licensed under the Star Atlas IP (first million dollar is revenue free). From merch and apparel, to UE5 Solana integrated blockchain games using the F-Kit, and more.