The Last Stand mk. VIII

A breathtaking and jaw-dropping creation by Busan.


Titan Fighter



This breathtaking creation of raw power and elegance, will linger many aspiring Generals to the ONI region, since the Last Stand mk. VIII is produced by ONI faction aligned company, Busan.

For ONI beings this design is both a beacon of resolve and a bastion of resiliency. 'The Last Stand' inspires the enduring spirit of all ONI and invokes a wellspring of immense pride. A marvel of design synthesis championed by the Sogmian as a catalyst for turning the tides of the Convergence War; it is a crowning achievement of the ONI federation and testament to tireless, extensive, interspecies collaboration. This starship is as much eternal sentry as it is everlasting ambassador. There is no parallel for establishing sovereignty in space.

This Titan Fighter comes with 136 crew members and has 46 total bonus points. Whoever acquires this magnificent creation, and wield its power, will certainly leave a mark and write history in the Galia Expanse.


There is only ONE

Since this 'anomaly' classed Titan Fighter will generate a lot of wealth, and because it’s a one-off, it comes with a price tag of 5 million USDC. If enlisted to the Faction Fleet in SCORE, according to TheClub's Staking Stats, it does return about 5.3 M $ATLAS monthly Net Yield (rewards minus costs), that's about 30K USDC monthly at the time of writing this article (bear market).

But $ATLAS-USDC-price doesn't actually really matter. Star Atlas has its own economy, and a monthly income of 5.3 M $ATLAS is a lot of power in the Star Atlas metaverse. This can be used to expand  presence in the regions to create more wealth, or it can be staked at the Star Atlas Lockers for $POLIS rewards, which in return can be used to influence the regional politics, and metaverse politics that govern Star Atlas through the Star Atlas DAO.

For more information about Ship Staking Stats on The Last Stand mk. VIII and other ships, log-in to The Club Explorer, and retrieve that data!


Make: Busan
Faction Alignment: ONI
Model: The Last Stand mk. VIII
Spec: Fighter
Class: Titan
Total Bonuses: 46



1 Power Supply
Titan slot

1 Warp Drive
Titan slot
Affects: Warp Distance/Cooldown
Bonuses for Manufacturer: +2
Bonuses for Spec: +3
Total Bonuses: 5

1 Radar
Titan slot
Affects: Scanning Ship and Resources
Bonuses for Manufacturer: +6
Bonuses for Spec: +2
Total Bonuses: 8


1 Tractor Beam
Titan slot
Affects: Salvage Rate

Bonuses for Manufacturer: +1
Bonuses for Spec: +1
Total Bonuses: 2



1 Shield Generator
Titan slot
Affects: Shield Strength Value
Bonuses for Manufacturer: +5
Bonuses for Spec: +4
Total Bonuses: 9


1 Impulse Engine
Titan slot
Affects: Impulse Speed
Bonuses for Manufacturer: +4
Bonuses for Spec: +5
Total Bonuses: 9

1 Maneuvering Thruster
Titan slot
Affects: Agility Value
Bonuses for Manufacturer: +3
Bonuses for Spec: +4
Total Bonuses: 7

112 Weapon Hardpoints
1 Titan slot
3 Commander Slots
12 Capital Slots
96 Large Slots
Affects: Hardpoint DPS
Bonuses for Manufacturer: +4
Bonuses for Spec: +4
Total Bonuses: 8


2 Missile Bays
Titan slot
Affects: Missile Bay DPS
Bonuses for Manufacturer: +5
Bonuses for Spec: +2
Total Bonuses: 7


1 Countermeasure Bay
Titan slot
Affects: Countermeasure DRPS
Bonuses for Manufacturer: +2
Bonuses for Spec: +2
Total Bonuses: 4

Hull Reinforcement
Count: 1
Size: Titan
Affects: Armor Value
Bonuses for Manufacturer: +4
Bonuses for Spec: +5
Total Bonuses: 9



1 Brig
Titan slot
Affects: Increased Bounty Rewards

2 Mess Halls
Titan slot
Affects: Reduced Food Consumption

1 Fuel
Titan slot
Affects: Increased Fuel Tank Capacity


1 Cargo
Titan slot
Affects: Increased Cargo Bay Capacity



1 Ammunition
Titan slot
Affects: Increased Ammo Magazine Capacity

17 Hangars
2 Commander slot
15 Capital slot
Affects: Increases max fleet size of fleet ship is supporting

4 Drone Ports
Commander slot
Affects: Can be slotted with drones with different utility bonuses

1 Medbay
Commander slot
Affects: Increased Rescue Capacity(Lower Respawn Timer)



General: 1
Commander: 2
Captain: 4
Pilot: 10
Co-Pilot: 10
Scanner: 6
Turret Gunner: 26
Drone Operator: 10
Engineer: 24
Repair Engineer: 14
Hangar Foreman: 12
Rescue: 6
Tractor Beam Operator: 1
Cargo Foreman: 10

Busan 'The Last Stand mk. VIII' key art