Star Atlassian

By Enigma42

True-to-Scale Ship Models



The models shown on this page are just few examples of Enigma42's exquisite work. The Star Atlassian website offers a wide range of true-to-scale Star Atlas 3D printed ship models and STL-files, a real treat for every Star Atlas fan and model-kit enthousiast.


Enigma42 is a Mieresian being enlisted with the ONI faction and operating with the ROME guild. He created the 3D model replicas of the Star Atlas ships and offers a wide range of 3D printed model-kits and STL-files on his website.

Star Atlassian

Warp to and explore the complete collection of true-to-scale printed Star Atlas ship models. And don't forget to checkout the 'other stuff' section. Like a 3D printed Star Atlas Handgun model-kit, complete with lights and electronics!



And while you indulge yourself with cool physical collectables, you are also helping other people who are less fortunate. Because 10% of every sale goes to Atlasgrace.sol and their supported charities.