Discovery of Iris

Pivotal points in the history of the Galia Expanse.

AR and multi-model soundscape

Star Atlas 'Rebirth' poster series

The "Discovery of Iris" meta-poster, designed by Max Shiller, is 1 of 14 posters from the 'Rebirth' series, has reward level 1, with a total supply of 10,561. Get the NFT collectible at the Star Atlas Marketplace, and cherish this memorabilia as a reminder of the start of this incredible and epic journey.

The Story of Iris and The Cataclysm

In forgotten times, the rogue planet Iris, full of invaluable materials, collided with seven child planets in a remote region near the center of the galaxy, creating, henceforth, “The Cataclysm.” In this area, a new form of free energy was born, an anomaly in the galactic order without peers. This unique resource, among other rare ones that can be found abundantly in the Cataclysm zone, makes it the most desirable treasure in the galaxy.

Another interesting characteristic of the Cataclysm zone is the presence of the mysterious Tufa, a race of hybrid mineral and organic creatures that appear to be heavily concentrated in the asteroid belts closer to Iris. Much is speculated about the origins of the Tufa and their relationship with the Cataclysm. Theories range from some saying they get their sustenance from the energy that comes from Iris to the planet being the actual living God of the Tufa, said to awaken at some point and lead them in a galactic crusade.

While we currently don’t know the real truth, what is certain is that the Tufa are guarding the outskirts of Iris, and those that want to poach its riches will undoubtedly face a zealous defence from the rocky beings.

Pivotal points in the history of the Galia Expanse

Iris took a long time to be discovered. Due to an accident, or fate’s design, a group of space explorers from different backgrounds stumbled upon The Cataclysm zone. They found Iris, scanning the planet and discovering the massive value of this galactic anomaly. This would later become the first intergalactic data block, which would be sold to the rival factions and spark the greatest war ever seen.

First-ever Meta-Poster Experience

Star Atlas released the Blond:ish and Jason Silva meta-poster debut on June 30th 2021. This was the first of fourteen NFT meta-posters in the ReBirth: Genesis of a Metaverse series of next-gen experiences. Featuring augmented reality, ambient music and AAA graphics, the inaugural NFT offers an insight into the galactic metaverse, blurring the lines between the real and the virtual.

The "Discovery of Iris" meta-poster reveals the rogue planet Iris, dense with valuable materials and emanating mysterious energy that poster owners can experience and explore through Star Atlas's AR and multi-modal soundscape.

Sound artist Blond:ish, known for her house and techno music fuelling creative spaces like Burning Man, contributed the ethereal, dreamy soundscape that sets the scene for the genesis moment of Star Atlas and the rebirth of the universe into an interactive metaverse.

Alongside futurist Jason Silva, the artistic duo worked to create the custom soundscape for the debut NFT. Silva's voice can be heard reverberating through the orbit of planet Iris, echoing the genesis moment where all things are possible in the future Star Atlas metaverse.