Sören Meding

Concept Designer / World Building / Environment Art

Star Atlas Concept Designs



Building this game from scratch, Star Atlas is working with many extremely experienced Art Directors, Designers and Artists, to create exquisit AAA quality designs and graphics. Bringing the Star Atlas metaverse to life.

Sören Meding is a freelance concept artist and illustrator, born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. His artistic journey has been deeply influenced by his passion for history and his boundless curiosity, which has nurtured his creativity and established him as a dependable artist. Adapting to novel and challenging scenarios comes naturally to Sören, facilitated by his organized workflow that ensures efficiency throughout his creative process. Sören's strength lies in crafting immersive visuals and believable designs. He relies on a large visual library, a meticulous research, and lots of iterations.

Sören's amazing key art and detailed concept designs for the Warp Gate construction site, Mining Colony, Valley Exploration and the Armstrong Capital Ship are just a few examples of his amazing skills working as a concept designer for Star Atlas (ATMTA).

For a more complete view of his work and additional project information, warp to https://www.artstation.com/soeren_meding

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