The Atlessio Family


Faction: USTUR sector (also MUD & ONI)


Founded: October 2021

Members: 100-500

Industry / Specialisation: Bounty Hunting, Exploring, Manufacturing / Engineering, Mercenary Work, Mining, Piracy, PVP / Combat, Retail, Science, Search & Rescue, Trading, Transport / Haulage

The Atlessio Family is a multicultural mafia-themed social organization, or gamers guild, dedicated to building a robust community in the blockchain video game space that is welcome to all regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, or political affiliation.

We believe blockchain video games (hereby ambiently referred to as the “metaverse”) will revolutionize how humans across the world choose to earn income. Over the next decade, we expect the metaverse to be a multi-trillion-dollar industry that disrupts the nature of the traditional workforce.


To provide citizens of the metaverse with the infrastructure necessary to use the metaverse as a primary means of income generation while incorporating fully immersive gamification to make work feel like play.


To construct a societal infrastructure that emphasizes cooperation over profiteering and transforms legacy functions of government that inadvertently incentivize collusion, corruption, and abuse.



Before the advent of blockchain technology, corruption-resistant cooperation was not possible. It is our duty to utilize the technology available to us today, to build a better future for our children tomorrow.




  • Respect for the institution starts with respect of the individual
  • Trust and credibility are the foundation of political capital o Open and honest communication inspire trust o Diligence and emphasis on action inspire credibility
  • Tone is set at the top o Management has the responsibility for demonstrating, through their actions, the importance of our ethics and culture
  • Blockchain Maximalism as a foundation for our innovation


Primary Goals / Objectives

The Atlessio Family wants to provide the community with an alternative form of earning and governance. We believe the legacy infrastructure of corporations and governments can lead to:

  • Unethical profiteering
  • Mistreatment and abuse of employees and citizens via o Indentured servitude o Harassment o Gross under-compensation relative to productive output
  • Un-equal governance and power distribution via stakeholder protocols • Unethical corporate influence in government via lobbying
  • Social costs externalized by unethical decision making of institutions (Ex. BP oil spill)

To remedy the problems inherent in legacy systems mentioned above, we are developing a unique infrastructure based on many of the co-operative principles that strive to eliminate the incentivization of collusion, corruption, and abuse.

For a deeper delve into the mechanics of our infrastructure, we will be issuing a political economy paper shortly after the release of this white paper.


Mob Machina NFT is a collection of 3D “Mechs” created by the Atlessio Family gaming guild.