Faction: MUD

Founder: Eoganacht

Founded: October 9 2021

Members: 100 - 500

Industry / Specialisation: Exploring, Mining, Manufacturing / Engineering, Science, PVP / Combat, Transport / Haulage

Why a Dual-Affiliation Membership Structure?

BULK is a place for people in the Interstellar Alliance and its partners, like The Club, to train their hands-on, in-cockpit skills to work together safely in the metaverse. By skilling up in a specific area, as a community we will be able to support the Interstellar Alliance’s mission of building a decentralized society in Star Atlas, and be able to earn more value per person than we may otherwise. This also has strategic support implications and combat will be a focus of ours alongside growing research and industrial capacity.

We are designing our community and platform to incentivize all parties. Everyone in the IA partnership ecosystem can benefit from what we do here in BULK, including of course the Bulkers themselves. In light of this mission, the way we are approaching membership enables people to have a dual affiliation. People can be a member of any IA-member or partner DAC, and be a BULK member participating in training and governance. We are exploring for example, rewarding time one spends training with fellow Bulkers with governance token—or other method that may be available to us when the Star Atlas team enables guilds creation.

For example, Bulker Yaawn is a member of the Interstellar Alliance and BULK. There are several CLUB, IA, and DEEP members in our community. Everything we do here at BULK enables us to make human connections across the IA partner guilds/DACs. By training together to excel in an area everyone in the partnership ecosystem needs, members from across the IA Decentralized Society can create value for themselves and their home communities by joining BULK.

Member Benefits

BULK is open to anyone looking to train with their fellows in the pursuit of mutual prosperity and supporting the Interstellar Alliance. No prior asset ownership is required, and BULK will be exploring scholarship opportunities.



We believe the coming metaverse will fundamentally change the nature of work in our global society. NFTs are enabling people to create real-world value for themselves inside new digital economies. Seeing personal skill as a key factor in success in Star Atlas, BULK is dedicated to ever-improving the human-level expertise of community members. Through regular training and experimentation for pilots of all ship types operating together, BULK teams can serve in the field with greater safety and effectiveness.

These and other experiences prepare Bulkers to take on freight and combat missions in the higher-risk and more rewarding zones of space in Star Atlas.


BULK is governed by a body of Councilbulkers, with several degrees of rank for Bulkers across categories of operation awarded for merit by Council vote. The way we are approaching governance enables folks to have a dual-affiliation. People can be a member of the inagme IA DAC, The Club DAC, or other IA partners, and be a member of BULK and its governance via a NFT or fungible token and time spent training with your fellows ingame.

Training together ingame, facing the challenge of the void, securely delivering hauls and supporting our ally communities in combat is what makes us Bulkers.

BULK Teams

These teams represent the core of our in-space operations. As such, training for the individuals involved is paramount. We will organize regular ingame events to hone methods of securing and transporting cargo in myriad situations, as part of a broader effort encouraging a culture of experimentation and practice in the community. Each BULK Freight Team (BFT) will consist of security, datarunner, and freight pilots and vessels, though the composition of each BFT will vary based on cargo need and security risk of a given mission. We will explore various configurations as a matter of course.

Mutually-Incentivized Structure

Through experimentation and regular training, Bulkers can operate more safely on hazardous cargo routes, such as those in the Medium Risk Zone, High Risk Zone, and active conflict zones. BFTs offer resource harvesters and their clients the ability to transport resources with greater security through these spaces. In doing so, BFTs support IA members in bringing resources to market from dangerous contexts. For BFTs, each Transport Mission earns real-world value, with a variety of ways this can unfold before us. For researchers and builders, access to a breadth of resources and vertically-integrated industrial facilities streamlines operations.

Recruitment status

//Open: Submit your application via the form in our Discord