Interstellar Alliance DAC


Faction: MUD

Founder: Kristian Dragnel

Founded: March 10th 2021

Members: 1635

Industry / Specialisation: Bounty Hunting, Exploring, Engineering, Mercenary, Mining, PVP / Combat, Retail, Science, Trading, Transport / Haulage.

Alliances & Partners

The Interstellar Alliance is Parallel Society inside the Star Atlas metaverse. Dozens of communities call IA their home and dozens more cooperate with us to improve the infrastructure, security and stability of the metaverse. Our discord is also the host of the Metaverse Council and one of the driving forces behind the United Metaverse Organizations and the Metaverse Accords everyone in the union agreed to uphold.

Some of our other main partners are BULK, The Club, Amarna Group, Deep Profits, Final Frontier, Equinox Guild, Soliens Secret Society, GenesysGo, Grape Protocol, NFT Snipers, The Spear Network, Aim Infinitive, Hubient E-sports, Banana DAO and many more NFT projects interested in building their own Nations inside the Star Atlas metaverse.



Our main objective inside the metaverse is to create the Interstellar Stargate Network. The ISN will be available to all guilds and individuals in Star Atlas and will be used as universal transportation system. Metaverse Infrastructure and Security Protocols implementation into the ISN fundamentals.

Most of our in-game time will be spent on our grand goal to create the Interstellar Stargate Network (ISN). By occupying 51% of stellar systems in strategic locations, we will be able to have deep space stations and Dyson spheres, with stargates powered by the energy of the stars.



In the future we want to build multiple space cities in the danger zones, protected by the entire Interstellar Alliance armada and all of our partners and supporters. IA expedition teams will also focus on finding the Diamond planet in deep space while building the Stargates while traveling towards the unexplored corners of the metaverse. In the beginning, we will focus on building our foundation in the MUD Faction. but later on we will expand in all factions and beyond.

Member Benefits

All members have access to all of our tools, services, information and our broad partnerships network. In the future when we build the ISN, all of our members will be able to use the ISN for free.

Recruitment status

//Open: Join our discord for more info