Faction: ONI region

Founder: Lumina

Founded: 13 May 2021

Members: 1000-5000

Industry / Specialisation: Exploring, Manufacturing / Engineering, Mining, Science, Trading, Transport / Haulage



Our primary mission is to add value to the metaverse experience of Coexist Members as much as possible, by serving and managing its them with our competitive and sustainable strategies in Star Atlas universe. Our secondary goal is enhancing our fleet members’ skills and equipment while abiding our agreements with our coalition partners for continuation of our dominance and power over the universe. Our vision is to create a gameplay for our community members that enables a play to earn structure and achieving dominance to have a voice in the universe, creating a difference in it.


Our strategy built on competitive and sustainable foundations; It is to manage its stakeholders united under the roof of COEXIST in the Star Atlas universe in a way that will protect and create value for them. At the same time, it is to maximize the training and equipment of our personnel who dominate our fleets in order to ensure the continuity of our deterrent-based power by adhering to the values ​​of the universe together with our coalition partners.


Respect, Bravery, Loyalty, Reliability, Durability, Service to others, Service to Peace, Helpfulness, Competitiveness.

More info at COEXIST Discord.