Deep Profits


Faction: ONI region



Members: 479

Industry / Specialisation: Exploring, Mining, Manufacturing / Engineering, Science, PVP / Combat, Mercenary, Transport / Haulage.


Deep Profits [DEEP] is a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC), which was created to aid players in the exploration, extraction, and exploitation of the Metaverse. In more practical terms, we educate each other about the risks involved in crypto and DeFi, research and develop profitable strategies together, and strive to grow a mature and passionate user base. Blockchain Artists, Crypto Enthusiasts and Passionate Gamers will find themselves at home in our corner of the Metaverse.


Guild Ranks and Leadership Roles
Air Marshal / Ambassador: Honoured guests and community leaders in the crypto space.

Wing Commander: The top brass at Deep Profits. Blazing a path in the Metaverse, and building tools for the community to use.

Squadron Leader: Each Squadron Leader is in charge of their own DAC, and are encouraged to grow and cultivate their own community within the Star Atlas metaverse. Squadrons can consist of Artists, Gamers, Developers or Traders.

Lieutenant: Discord Moderators, access to officer chat, and weekly planning meetings.

Recruitment status

//Open: Join our discord for more info