Star Atlas: CORE

Learn about the Galaxy's Past to Master its Future.

Graphic Novel



Embark on a journey that takes you beyond the furthest reaches of known space and time. Gyun and crew face danger, heartbreak, and adventure across 18 episodes. Set before the creation of Star Atlas, on the cusp of the great Convergence War. Brought to you by an award winning team of creatives, illustrators, and writers lead by Tim Mcburnie, Lead Writer for the series, and Matthew Medney, CEO of Heavy Metal Comics.


The creation of Star Atlas, on the cusp of the great Convergence War.

CORE graphic novel unveils many secrets of the Star Atlas metaverse and it's lore to it's community for the first time in a vivid way. There's already a lot of lore published by the Atlas Star. But the comic series tells the tale of the beginning more visually, and introduces the different players, factions and metaverse mechanics that govern the Star Atlas metaverse 'today', 2620 AD. 

The comic series consists of 3 acts, each containing 6 episodes. You can read all 18 episodes for free at the Star Atlas website.

However, Star Atlas released cover NFTs of all episodes of CORE. Each episode has 3 cover designs, one regular, and 2 limited editions sold as NFTs; a Star Atlas cover and a Magic Eden cover.  These collectible NFTs are offered for sale for a short period of 2 weeks, after which you only will be able to acquire them  on the renowned Star Atlas Marketplace from other collectors. 

If you collect all 18 episode covers. You will be able to trade them for a physical collectible; a limited edition Star Atlas CORE Box Set, containing 3 exclusive hardcover books (one for each Act, each containing 6 episodes with the exclusive covers you collected). You can't get these anywhere else!

You can also choose to collect just one Act, and trade them for a limited edition physical hardcover book, containing the 6 exclusive covers and episodes of the Act you collected.

More information at Star Atlas website.

Act 1

Star Atlas CORE: Act 1 Episode 1

Before Star Atlas there was chaos and war. Follow a crew of everyday space explorers as they change the course of History.

Star Atlas CORE: Act 1 Episode 2

Ship wrecked, loved ones gone and morale down, Gyun and Moda travel to a near by station to beg, barter, and well… steal their way back on track. But when a ritual ceremony takes center stage at the station and a division of special investigators get word of Gyun’s presence, Gyun and Moda must move through the station with more care as the stakes have never been higher. Naturally they run into the last person they want to do business with. Desperate times, call for desperate measures.

Star Atlas CORE: Act 1 Episode 3

Greatness reveals itself when your back is up against the wall, or at least that’s how the saying goes. For Gyun and Moda that greatness could lead to disaster as they navigate the star base’s ritual events in the shadows and evade the authorities after them. But the authorities are the least of their problems. When an unassuming, half functioning Ustur reveals he knows of a treasure that until now has been near myth, Gyun seizes the opportunity. Unbeknownst to him, Gyun now holds the fate of the galaxy on his shoulders.

Star Atlas CORE: Act 1 Episode 4

Committed to seeing the path ahead due to the events of episode 3, Gyun and Moda follow the exuberant Timpo down a rabbit hole as the MUD investigators & Followers of the Light are hot on their trail! If it was indeed destiny at their doorstep, Gyun would open the door arms wide in anticipation; however, Moda is far less convinced that what Gyun sees as destiny is not in fact their doom. The two brothers in arms face difficult decisions as their futures are not just intertwined by decisions on the station, but also in the forthcoming decisions off station. 

Star Atlas CORE: Act 1 Episode 5

Its reckoning time on Mondra 7. The powers that be are not happy with the events that have transpired and are coming for retribution. Moda and Gyun will soon learn the throws of the Special Investigators and Followers of The Light would have been simpler than the fates that await them. To make matters worse, Timpo’s genius seems to just be a flavorful color of crazy, sealing their would-be-fate with their pursuers. But when Gyun and Moda are cornered by the great and powerful Huricanno himself, Timpo shows all, that crazy was just the beginning.

Star Atlas CORE: Act 1 Episode 6

It all comes down to this! Gyun, Moda and Timpo have one way off Mondra 7, the only problem; everyone is after them. In this grand finale to Act One of the Gyun saga, the stakes have never been higher. The journey will end with the trio getting off the station; the only question is whether it will be in a ship, handcuffs or a body bag. Jump back into the federation, where all roads lead to salvation. Gyun must continue his search for answers to Osia’s future. Buckle Up, Strap In, and Safety off. 

Act 2

Star Atlas CORE: Act 2 Episode 1

Near death experiences. Fugitives of the law. A crackpot machine who may kill us all. The first leg of the Core journey has been jam packed with twists & turns from our fear-full-of-fun crew. But now, as we have departed Mondra 7, there is truly only one question that remains... Is Timpo’s time vortex device real, or will the crew led by Gyun and Moda have their minds fold into oblivion as they attempt to pierce the vail of the time dilation barrier? However, the carnage that was left behind is not so easily forgotten by those who remain as a new threat prepares to find justice by hunting down Gyun, Timpo and Moda. Time is no friend of stagnation as the clock is running out on our rag tag band of misfit. Leaving only the brave, or the insane on a collision course with history.

Star Atlas CORE: Act 2 Episode 2

Racing into the unknown. Escaping a life in chains. One last chance to prove them wrong. Finally out of the clutches of Mondra 7... Gyun and crew thought they were free, but the Ustur Stati.Tchr had other plans. Faced with limited options Timpo and Gyun decide to enter the Time Distillation Vortex. The only place where no one in their right mind… AI or otherwise… will follow. Can Gyun and his crew find what they have been searching for? Will Timpo’s Device work as he planned? Everyone dreams. Everyone imagines a brighter future. A place of luxury and freedom. But as Gyun and Moda are finding out… the path to riches is paved with peril.

Star Atlas CORE: Act 2 Episode 3

Running for their lives in a sea of living stone. A ship on the brink of failure. Their only chance for salvation is into the heart of the enemy. Finally, after traveling into the Vortex - Gyun and his crew found what they were looking for. More Genesium than anyone thought possible! More raw power than could be imagined! But they also found that the Cataclysm is not quite as passive as hoped. Now, fleeing through a sea of broken planets and debris… they must escape the wrath of Iris. The living rock ripping and tearing their precious ship… the prized Calico Seeker to pieces. Sometimes to move forward you need to take a step back. Sometimes to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat you must take casualties… Hard choices are inevitable. But the questions asked of Gyun are harder still. Will they be able to escape the Scarlet Core? Will their ship survive? Will THEY survive… Only time and bravery will tell.

Star Atlas CORE: Act 2 Episode 4

The mysteries of Iris finally uncovered. The way back to salvation clear… the only thing standing between heroes and victory, is the cold hard hand of fate. After coming to terms with the chaos of the cataclysm, Gyun and his crew are now closer than ever to achieving the greatest discovery of all time. Now, they must embark on the final leg of their journey to return home, bringing glory and validation to Timpo's ambitious plan. But sometimes, you get more than you bargained for. Sometimes, when you seek power, it begins to take an interest in you. When the forces of change start to stir, plans get broken, and destiny becomes clouded. What happens when you return home with unlimited power? What happens when your ship starts talking to you? What happens when the past catches up and begins to tap you on the shoulder?

Star Atlas CORE: Act 2 Episode 5

Negotiations in tatters. The way forward blocked. Victory’s only glimmer of hope… is to throw caution to the wind. After Timpo's bargaining with the High Ustur Stati.tchr dissolved into conflict and chaos, all the factions let their guard down... and the mighty Huricanno takes advantage. Tracking Gyun and his crew across the sectors, he has come to take what is his... rightfully or not. But even the most cunning schemers cannot predict the future. Even one such as Huricanno cannot truly understand the power that is contained within the Iris Data. When the locus of energy in the galaxy shifts... it truly changes everything. What happens when the power of countless suns gets angry? What happens when old friends and old enemies come to battle? What happens when the living rock of the Cataclysm... finally comes alive?

Star Atlas CORE: Act 2 Episode 6

Destruction wrought. Alliances torn. Victors with cruel intent. All that is left is the latent mind of the Earthly diaspora... the grit and determination of the hominid. The stubborn belligerence of the human, Gyun Oman. With Gyun's crew separated and shipless after the inexplicable blue explosion, Huricanno has picked up the pieces and is putting together plans for galactic domination. All of the travelers to Iris seem to have been captured and incapacitated. The power of the cataclysm is slipping further into the wrong hands... But the unexpected evolution of events, of new possibilities, of new races and power within the framework of reality... does not follow a linear path. Often, out of necessity, strange things are born. Often, as the closed mind reaches to grasp for ultimate power, it receives... Revolution. be continued...