The Amarna Group


Faction: MUD territory

Founder: Atlas Theory

Founded: 1 September 2021

Members: 200

Industry / Specialisation: Mining, Manufacturing / Engineering, Logistics, Transport / Haulage.


The Amarna Group (TAG) is organized into three main branches:

Amarna City – The core of the TAG and will focus on creators, artists,  and personalities of the metaverse and would build, develop and run the entertainment and hospitality businesses within the Metaverse.    Amarna City would be a “Social Developer” of the Star Atlas Metaverse responsible for the museums, theaters, and other social places. The Social Developers within the Start Atlas metaverse are responsible for building and operating social buildings (Star Atlas – Economics Paper, p.12). In addition to these in-game goals, Amarna City would create media in all forms for the Star Atlas community.

Amarna Corporation – Amarna Corporation is part of the TAG that will focus on commercial and operational aspects of mining, farming, city-building, R&D, and transportation. Amarna Corporation will evolve along with mini-game and main game releases. Teams will be created for each new aspect of the game and our goal is to be leaders in these commercial and operational areas.

Amarna Defense Forces (ADF) – Amarna Defense Forces will be tasked with the responsibility to provide security and safety to the people of The Amarna Group (TAG). ADF will also work with the TAG Allies to secure safe passages of imports and exports to Amarna Group. The ADF will develop and maintain its own fleet for the purpose of defense. ADF is also part of the in-game DAC.