Dark Core Roasters

Blast Off with Dark Core Roasters: Transport your Tastebuds to the Farthest Reaches of Space.

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Looking to add some extraterrestrial excitement to your morning routine? Enter Dark Core Roasters, a new web3 coffee and comic brand ready to transport your tastebuds to the farthest reaches of space.

Dark Core Roasters

Dark Core promises an immersive sipping experience by blending their coffee blends with original animated stories from the Star Atlas universe.

The Story

Dark Core Roasters is an enthralling animated comic series set in the Star Atlas universe, following four daring explorers on a quest to uncover a lost human relic in the enigmatic region of space known as the Dark Core.


In addition to their coffee blends and upcoming animated comic series, Dark Core has also launched a series of collectible sci-fi art NFT posters called 'First Ascent.' This series features 30 cinematic poster designs inspired by a century of classic films depicting interstellar travel, from early black and white space adventures to recent blockbusters.

Created by artist and co-founder Arktype, the posters showcase a blend of AI-generated art and Arktype's own graphic design and typography skills. Each print depicts an iconic scene of cosmic travel, from peaceful planetary vistas to daring rocket launches. The collection is a visually stunning homage to humanity's endless fascination with the mysteries of space.

These 30 NFT posters designs were obtained by fans posting photos of their morning coffee brews on Twitter and Discord, and taking 'Death Shots' in the Dark Core Roasters Discord server. After the launch event the 'First Ascent' collection, with a total supply of 721, was made available on Magic Eden.


Leading this cosmic creative charge is Alkemo, the cutting-edge web3 production company, dedicated to crafting and elevating brands through immersive storytelling experiences that transcend traditional boundaries, unlocking new dimensions of connection and engagement.

There's Aaron Luckenbach, aka Atlas Theory, a content creator, writer, and actor with a passion for exploring new forms of storytelling.
Just Chouta, also known as Samuel Rodda, who lends his tech expertise and composes original music scores. And of course, Arktype, aka Joe Firley, who honed his design skills as a professional graphic designer before embracing AI art. 

Death Shot Season 2

With Dark Core's coffee, comic series, and NFT art, you won't just be starting your day - you'll be embarking on a brave new mission to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy, one delicious sip at a time. It's sure to be one epic, flavor-filled space odyssey!

Join the Dark Core Roasters discord and take part in Season 2 of Death Shot, collect beans to earn digital and physical collectibles!