The Incredible Voyage of Atlas Grace

A Rising Star in the World of Crypto Philanthropy


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Atlas Grace is truly a work of art. In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, where fortunes are made and lost in the blink of an eye, a remarkable project has been quietly making waves for all the right reasons.


A Brighter Future Through Web3 Gaming

Navigating to a brighter future through Web3 gaming. Atlas Grace stands out as a beacon of hope and innovation. This Star Atlas community-driven initiative has not only achieved impressive milestones but has also set an inspiring example of how crypto enthusiasts can use their gains for the greater good. 

Navigating Challenges in the Star Atlas Fleet

There’s has been a change in some of the day to day custodian duties of Atlas Grace. With R4 prices still climbing high, more and more ships are no longer profitable within Faction Fleet (SCORE). The logical move is to remove those ships and find alternative ways to generate profits so that Atlas Grace still has a healthy amount to donate at the end of the month.

One possibility is to sell the ships and return the funds to the Atlas or Polis locker which would provide a more passive way to earn. However Atlas Grace's vision extends beyond crypto profits. The project aims to utilize Star Atlas gameplay assets to provide free leases to Khmer youth in Cambodia, enabling them to immerse themselves in the Star Atlas metaverse without any upfront costs. This initiative not only aligns with the play-to-earn economy but also empowers young individuals to earn their assets in a virtual world.


A Growing Fleet and Community Support

The fleet consists of over 108 ships and 11 Claim Stakes. As the Claim Stakes remain in Faction Claims (SCORE), the remaining ships are currently on mission mining Hydrogen in SAGE Labs. This is then refined into Fuel and sold on the Galactic Marketplace. 50 percent of these sales are compounded into the Atlas Locker and the remaining 50 percent is exchanged for USDC and donated at the end of each month.

Community support played a pivotal role in Atlas Grace's journey. A notable mention goes to Enigma42, who pledged 10% of profits from his Star Atlas 3D models, demonstrating the power of individual contributions in the crypto space. Beyondthehorizon, another community member, made a significant impact by promoting the project through YouTube shoutouts, showing how social media can amplify good causes.

Atlas Grace's commitment to transparency and community engagement also shone through. For every new subscriber Beyondthehorizon brought in, he donated 1 $POLIS, contributing not only to the project's awareness but also boosting daily locker emissions.

And a BIG thank you to @ShaddixOnea long time supporter of our mission. With a successful mint of his new track he generously donated 20% towards Atlas Grace, which allowed us to bring home another Fimbul Lowbie!


Locker Growth and Philanthropy

The project's locker balances continue to flourish, with the Polis Locker Balance reaching over 7000 $POLIS and the Atlas Locker Balance exceeding 70,000 $ATLAS. This growth, coupled with a 10% fee reduction on surplus R4 sold on the secondary marketplace, adds a layer of financial stability to Atlas Grace.

Atlas Grace beneficiaries


Atlas Grace progression

Philanthropy remains a core pillar of the project. A Twitter poll allows the Star Atlas community to choose the beneficiary of the monthly donation funds. This reflects the project's commitment to making a positive impact on real-world causes. The engagement on the poll is remarkable, underlining the community's dedication to giving back.

The donations are transparently converted and transferred through to the verified beneficiary's wallet address, strengthening Atlas Grace's support for their worthy cause.


A Visionary Future

Looking ahead, Atlas Grace plans to continue its monthly donations to real-world charities using staking rewards from the Star Atlas Fleet and Locker. However, the project's long-term vision extends beyond the digital realm. The goal is to establish a physical location in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where young adults can find a safe and stimulating environment to learn, game, and build friendships.

This endeavour reflects the deep personal connection that the project's founder has with Siem Reap, and it's a testament to their dedication to giving back.


Atlas Grace isn't just another charity project; it's a rising star in the world of crypto philanthropy. It showcases the positive impact that crypto enthusiasts can have on the world by leveraging their gains for the greater good. As the project continues to grow and evolve, it sets an inspiring example for others to follow.


To stay updated on their journey, follow Atlas Grace on Medium and Twitter. In the ever-evolving landscape of crypto, Atlas Grace is a project worth watching.

If you would like to contribute and make a positive impact, send some $ATLAS, $POLIS, R4 consumables, or maybe even a Star Atlas ship, to this address:  atlasgrace.sol

Atlas Grace Beneficiares

Charity Water, Happy Hearts Indonesia, Kids Cancer Alliance, Pencils of Hope, Project Hope, Redkite, Save the Children, Skateistan, SOS Children's Villages, Turkey Earthquake relief and Variety.

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