Gary Sanchez

Art Director & Concept Designer

Star Atlas Concept Design and Key Art



Building this game from scratch, Star Atlas is working with many extremely experienced Art Directors, Designers and Artists, to create exquisit AAA quality designs and graphics. Bringing the Star Atlas metaverse to life.

One of the lead Art Directors working on spaceship design for Star Atlas (ATMTA) as a Vehicle Art Director, is Gary Sanchez.

Gary Sanchez is an Art Director and Concept Designer who has worked on films, series, AAA video games, and advanced innovation industrial design field. He is the founder of Graphene Design Studio, a collective of senior artists and designers, consulted for art direction and visual development in AAA games, TV show / films, and advanced industrial design projects. 

The timeless Key Art for Rainbow ARC, the sleek designs for the Fimbul Lowbie or the detailed Concepts Designs for Pearce X5 and Pearce R8, are just a view examples of his mastery. For a more complete view of his work, warp to

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