CORE is a graphic designer from the MUD faction with a deep appreciation for the intricate patterns and numerical sequences found in the universe and the essence of life itself. He founded SAGA and Galia GoldsmithsHe aligned himself with Interstellar Alliance, and re-designed their logo. He is a lone wolf, but well connected. He's a verified member of The Club, and protected by The Atlessio Family. CORE's main objectives on the long term are exploration and discovery.


Faction: MUD territory

DAC: Interstellar Alliance

Industry / Specialisation: Propaganda Art & Design, Exploring, Discovery, Science, Trading, Manufacturing / Engineering, Mining, Transport / Haulage, Racing, Bounty Hunting, PVP / Combat.

(CORE is not affiliated in any way with the graphic novel 'Star Atlas: CORE'. The name is a remnant from his past as a graffiti artist, that sticked with him.)


Born and raised in a domed city on a desolate moon at the outskirts of the Galia Expanse, CORE's artistic journey began amidst challenging circumstances. Rising from the depths of humble origins, he has defied expectations, earning acclaim as a captain of a small-to-medium sized fleet, and aligned himself with Interstellar Alliance. 

From an early age, CORE harboured a deep fascination for the rich history of his ancient human ancestors, while also nurturing a keen interest in the innovative technologies introduced by enigmatic beings such as the Photoli and Oni. This unique blend of curiosity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge laid the foundation for CORE's artistic expression, enabling him to seamlessly blend the old and the new in captivating creations.

Drawing inspiration from the fundamental patterns, structures, and forms that govern the fabric of existence, CORE embarked on a quest to explore the intricate interplay between sacred geometry and the interconnectedness of creation. The ancient practice of sacred geometry, revered for its universality, became the cornerstone of CORE's artistic philosophy. 


Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry, as CORE passionately explains, serves as a profound blueprint that unifies all aspects of life. It holds the core principles of our

universe, It's the true Layer0 of all things. As we know from the writings of luminaries like Pythagoras and Plato, to the studies of great minds like Leonardo da Vinci and Fibonacci, and even the masterpieces of Beethoven and Mozart, sacred geometry can be found anywhere.

It transcends geographical boundaries, resonates within the realms of spirituality, religion, biology, and psychology, and permeates the very essence of existence.

With an unwavering commitment to capturing the inherent beauty of sacred geometry, CORE seamlessly integrates these universal principles into his designs and artwork. Each creation becomes a testament to the harmonious convergence of perfect simplicity and visual splendor.

Notably, CORE's design for the Interstellar Alliance logo stands as a shining example of his mastery. Employing the meticulous 3-5 fibonacci ratio, he shaped the logo to achieve flawless symmetry and exquisite proportions.

Creation Arts

The Creation Arts website is a showcase of his personal projects, like exquisit jewellery designs, or a 3D fractal puzzle called Sankakkei (Japanese for triangle).

CORE's artistic vision extends beyond the realms of personal expression. Through his work, he aspires to inspire others, inviting them to embrace the interconnectedness that underlies all creation. His artwork acts as a bridge, linking diverse fields of interest, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us.