Galia Art Station

The Art of Ship Modeling


"Where engineering, gaming and art converge."




In the world of collectibles Galia Art Station is raising the bar with their latest venture. They're turning digital dreams into physical realities with high precision 3D printed replicas of ships from the Star Atlas metaverse. 

Top of the list? The Pearce X4. But there are more models being prepared to make an impressive launch.


From Pixels to Plastic

The range isn't just a one-brand wonder. Galia Art Station is bringing diversity to the table, covering various manufacturers. So whether you're into sleek space racers or large transport ships, they've got you covered.

The mission? Expand the fleet as fast as possible. The focus is on simpler designs for now, to keep the printers (and presumably the artists) from burning out. Community feedback isn’t just welcome, it’s practically a co-pilot in deciding which models get the green light.

Each model comes with parts that move, rotate, or open. Plus, each ship lands with its unique stand.  For a detailed finishing touch, windows and windshields are printed in clear transparent plastic materials.


Sizing Up the Fleet

In a universe where size does matter, Galia Art Station plays it smart. They've set a standard size for these models to keep things, let’s say, universally consistent. But with ships ranging from cute runabouts to behemoths, how do they keep it all in check?

Cue the clever scaling system. It's like a cosmic ruler, ensuring that ships of the same class match up in size. This means your fleet display will be consistent is size across your entire collection. From the dainty XXS at 1:25 scale to the larger-than-life capitals at 1:800, it’s about keeping things in proportion.

In essence, Galia Art Station's line of 3D-printed ships is a nod to space enthusiasts who like their collectibles tangible, and show their ships to friends.

It’s a small step for models, one giant leap for model-kind.

Model Crafting

Initially, models will be sold unpainted. But the company is actively working on adding painted versions to the lineup for those who prefer instant gratification. For the artistic collectors, there's an option to receive models in pieces, allowing for maximum customization. It's like bringing a ship to life piece by piece, and it's a rewarding journey for those who enjoy the artistic process of assembling and painting their own replicas. Complexity varies, but typically, collectors will find themselves piecing together anywhere from 5 to 20 components, depending on the ship's shape.


AR Application Development

Now, here's a teaser you've been waiting for: GAS is working on an AR application that'll blow your mind. Imagine seeing your NFT Ships in any size, in any place in the real world. Park your Opal JetJet or Fimbul Lowbie wherever your heart desires.