A Collection of Art, Design, Fashion and Lore from the Galia Expanse.


Space Odyssey

Photography Career Competition

Theme 3: Friends & Crew

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Star Atlassian

By Enigma42

True-to-Scale Ship Models

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Galia Art Station

The Art of Ship Modeling

Where Engineering, Gaming and Art converge.

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Dark Core Roasters

Web3 production company

Blast Off with Dark Core Roasters: Transport your Tastebuds to the Farthest Reaches of Space.

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Return of the Mech

Photography Career Competition

Become a Metaverse Photographer

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The Last Stand mk. VIII

Titan Fighter

A Breathtaking and Jaw-dropping creation by Busan.

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Fimbull Lowbie

Transport vessel

A Nostalgic 'cyberpunk style'
Muscle Car of the Future.

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Atlas Grace

Charity Fund

Navigating to a Brighter Future Through Web3 Gaming.

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Galia Goldsmiths

Jewelry Store  

Craftsmanship and Elegance: The Galian Art of Fine Jewellery Making.

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Collectible / Crew Gear

Legendary and Epic Crew Gear Fashion Collection.

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Star Atlas: CORE

Graphic Novel

Learn about the Galaxy's Past to Master its Future.

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Discovery of Iris

First-ever Meta-Poster Experience telling the tale of origin.

Pivotal Points in the History of the Galia Expanse.

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